PRZHONSKAYA is a minimalistic womenswear brand based in Ukraine.

The brand is mainly focused on women's outerwear design. It's DNA consists of neat silhouettes and complex cut, it is also traced by experiments with classical geometry. A rare balance between simple functionality of minimalism and femininity determines the philosophy of the brand. The balance is reached by mixing textures and adding unique details to the laconic forms.

These garments create comfort for senses, space for action and silhouette for inspiration.

PRZHONSKAYA brand was founded in 2010 by a fashion designer Helen Przhonskaya and since then became the permanent member of the official fashion week in Kyiv - Ukrainian Fashion Week.

In 2012 PRZHONSKAYA becomes a nominee for Best Fashion Awards (Ukrainian Awards in the field of fashion) as "Discovery of the year".

In 2015 PRZHONSKAYA becomes one of the winners of the Ukrainian fashion film contest Fashion Move On.